Best Gas Station Cigars

Cigars are growing in populairty and many individuals will routinely shop for cigars at gas stations. This is because it is convenient and they will be at the gas station anyways. We highly recommend you look into our list of the best place to buy cigars online as this will give you a wider selection of cigars that are much higher quality and often times a better price. But if you are interested in buying cigars from your local gas station, then this article will walk you through the best gas station cigars.

best gas station cigars reviewed

Gas stations will typically offer a limited cigar selection, but you will still be able to purchase some of the most well known cigar brands at gas stations. Below are our recommendations for the best gas station cigars.

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Best Gas Station Cigars

1. Dutch Masters

dutch masters gas station cigar

Dutch Masters is one of the most well known cigar brands on the market and has been incredibly popular for many years. They have exploded in popularity because of how popular they are on tv and movies but also because of how accessible they are. Dutch Masters are available in nearly every gas station across the United States. The are affordable, easy to find, offer a good taste for the price, and offer a wide selection. For these reasons we have to label it as one of the best gas station cigars.

Dutch Masters is known for its traditional cigars but also for their cigarillos. Both of these different cigar products can be purchased at most gas stations across the country. The popular Dutch Fusion Blends come in a wide range of flavors that can range from earth to a fruity flavor. This means no matter what your preferences are, Dutch Masters will have a great cigar for your flavors. Dutch Masters are typically sold in packages of 3 cigars at gas stations which is perfect for a weekend. 

2. Backwoods Cigars

backwoods gas station cigars

Backwoods cigars are one of the most well known cigar brands because of how popular they are from local gas stations. Backwoods provide a homegrown feel as this American cigar brand has been popular in rural America for many years. Backwoods are know for being available at gas stations and liquor stores but they are also known for their ability to be smoked in less time compared to a more traditional cigar.

Backwoods are typically machine-made in mass quantities out of Puerto Rico. The cigars are created with a Cuban seed in order to give them a high quality flavor. Since the cigars are machine-made, they are typically easier to store and take care of. This means you probably won’t have to buy the best humidor because you will probably be able to make a humidor out of Tupperware for your Backwoods. The flavor of Backwoods gas station cigars are vary from an earthy flavor to a spicy flavor.

3. Black n' Mild

black n mild gas station cigars

Black & Mild were the go-to gas station cigar in the 1990’s but they have maintained popularity ever since their peak popularity. Black n’ Mild are known for their cheap prices, smooth flavor, and also their wood tips for their cigars. Because of these reasons, many cigar smokers believe that Black & Mild are the best gas station cigar on the market.

These cigars seem to be incredibly popular with the older demographic because of how closely they resemble a classic tobacco pipe. This makes them an easy choices for many individuals who miss that classic tobacco feel. The Black & Mild brand has been around since the 1960’s so they know what it takes to create a great cigar and how to develop new cigar products for the new ages.

What Features Are Important To Look For In The Best Gas Station Cigars?

If you are looking for the best gas station cigar then it typically means that you are looking for an affordable cigar with the convenience of stoping by your local gas station. Instead of having to drive to a specialty cigar shop, you can just pop into your local gas station next time you are filling up your gas tank. Gas station cigars are typically much more affordable compared to high-end traditional cigars. Cigars such as Dutch Masters, Backwoods, and Black & Mild can be purchase for just a few dollars and come in smaller packages to get your through the week.

Do All Gas Stations Sell Cigars?

It is difficult to say that every gas station in America will sell cigars but it seems that a very large percentage of gas stations sell cigars and tobacco products. Gas stations understand how popular these products are and they strive to provide customers with the widest selection of cigars as possible. It is worth noting that some gas stations will offer a wider selection of cigars compared to other gas stations.

How Much Do Gas Station Cigars Cost?

The most popular gas station cigars are known for being affordable. They are typically sold in small quantities which allows you to purchase just one to five cigars at a time and this will typically cost less than $10 and it is even possible to be a single cigar for less than $1. The price of cigars will depend slightly on the gas station as well as the brand you are buying.

Are Gas Station Cigars High Quality?

Typically, gas station cigars aren’t as high quality compared to more traditional cigars. Gas stations usually have a smaller selection of cigars and will usually sell lower-end cigars that are cheaper. They do this because they want to provide the most affordable cigars as possible because they know more people will buy these more affordable brands compared to spending a lot of money on more expensive brands. With that being said, it is possible to find great cigars at your local gas station and this all depends on your flavor preferences.

What Kind Of Cigars Are Sold At Gas Stations?

The most popular gas station cigars are typically more affordable brands such as Dutch Masters, Backwoods, and Black & Mild. These are incredibly popular all across the country and are also affordable. Because of these reasons, they have remained popular in gas stations for over 30 years. The kind of cigars sold at gas stations will depend on where you live and which gas stations you are visiting.

Final Thoughts On The Best Gas Station Cigars

The best gas station cigar will vary depending on your flavor preferences and the style of cigar you are looking for. We have seen more and more cigar brands sold in gas stations so we think buying cigars from your local gas station will be even easier in the future. We hope our article has been beneficial for you and we hope that you read our other cigar blog articles to learn more about the industry.

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