Do Cigars Go Bad or Expire? How To Care For Your Cigars

This Article Was Updated On September 26, 2023

It is a common misconception that cigars do not expire or go bad. Cigars do, in fact, have an expiration date and will deteriorate over time if they are not cared for properly. In this blog post, we will explore how to tell if your cigars have gone bad and what you can do to extend the life of them. To get started, let’s talk about what causes cigars to spoil!

do cigars go bad

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Do Cigars Go Bad?

Cigars do not go bad, but they do expire. The expiration date for cigars is typically one year from the manufacturing date or when the cigar was imported into to its country of sale. When a cigar has been stored at above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21° Celsius) in an environment that lacks humidity levels close to 65% RH then it will begin to deteriorate and spoil much more quickly than if it had been stored properly.

Even if you are looking at the best place to buy cigars online or beginner cigars, there is always a chance that cigars can go bad. There are three ways you can tell if your cigar has gone bad:

A change in color

One of the first things that will happen to a cigar that has expired is that the cigar will begin to change in color. Cigars do not go bad because they are brown, but rather when cigars age the natural oils from tobacco leaves change to a darker shade of brown. When you see that your cigar has changed in color it is time for them to be discarded or stored properly if you plan on smoking them later. Another sign of change is that you may begin to see the size of the cigar to change slightly.

A foul smell

If the smoke coming off of your cigar smells like leather and ammonia then there’s a good chance that the flavor will also taste like this too. This means most likely that your cigar has gone bad and should no longer be smoked. If the smell is more akin to wet hay than leather then try smoking one last stick before making any decisions about whether or not it has expired. A foul smell that doesn’t align with the flavor of the cigar profile can indicate that the cigar has gone bad. You can learn how to smoke a cigar for beginners to have a better understanding of the entire process.

Mold growth on any surface of the wrapper or body

Mold is one of the most obvious signs that your cigar has gone bad. This means it should be discarded immediately and not saved for later to smoke because mold spores can contaminate other cigars stored near this one, causing them to go bad as well.

Harshness in flavor

If your once smooth tasting cigar now tastes sharp and unpleasant then there’s a chance you may have let it sit out too long before smoking or an even worse case scenario, the taste was always unpleasantly harsh but you just never noticed until now! If this change only happens after lighting up the cigar do not continue to smoke; discard it instead.

What Causes Cigars To Go Bad?

There are a few reasons that your cigar might go bad or might expire. You should do your best to avoid these things if you want them to last longer. We highly recommend you read our best cigar humidor article to have a better understanding of how to store your cigars.

Reasons that cigars might go bad

– Mold spores can be caused by improper storage or humid conditions, which is why it’s important for cigars to remain in a cool and dry environment at all times

– Cigars that are stored improperly could acquire an unpleasant taste from their surroundings; this means they need special care when being placed on shelves so the wrapper isn’t touching anything else but cigar smoke!

-The cigar wrapper is opened and debris and contaminants go inside the wrapper and cause the leaf to spoil.

What Do You Do If Your Cigars Go Bad?

If your cigar has expired and there are visible signs of mold on the cigar we recommend that you throw them away as smoking this could be dangerous. If your cigar hasn’t expired to that extent, we recommend that you try to re-humidify and store the cigars in an airtight container for a few weeks.

Below are a few tips for maintaining the health of your cigars

-Make sure the humidor is at about 67% humidity and 68 degrees Fahrenheit or above; if not, it will be difficult for them to keep fresh!

-Try to avoid opening up the wrapper of your cigar so nothing gets inside like dust or debris which causes their leafs spoil more quickly. It’s important when placing them on shelves in order to prevent this from happening because cigars need special care with how they’re stored. If they have been opened already then try rotating your stock regularly so all sides get some air time without leaving any one side

Misconceptions About Aging Cigars

There are some misconceptions about aging cigars and when do they expire. While there is no magical date, you can usually tell if your cigar has gone bad or expired by looking at the wrapper. For example, an old original Macanudo will have a worn leathery look to it while newer packets still had glossy paper that looks fresh. Cigars also don’t last forever because of how humidors work- after time the moisture in them evaporates which makes them stale quickly.

Cigar Plume vs Cigar Mold

It is important to understand the difference between cigar plume and cigar mold. Mold is not good for cigars and will do irreparable damage to the flavor. Plume on the other hand, which looks like white spots on a wrapper or cigar band, usually does no harm to your stogie at all.

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