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This Article Was Updated On September 26, 2023

If you have experience in the premium cigar industry, then you have probably heard about Gurkha Cigars as they are one of the most popular premium cigar brands on the market. In this guide we perform a complete Gurkha Cigars review by reviewing the quality of cigars they sell, the history of the company, customer reviews, and much more!

gurkha cigars review

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Who Is Gurkha Cigars?

Gurkha Cigars was founded in 1989 by founder Kaizad Hansotia who is from Indian descent. Hansotia comes from Indian descent but grew up all across the world such as Hong Kong, London, and America. This experience growing up all across the world helped to expose him to many different cultures. While on vacation in India, Hansotia met a man that was handrolling cigars.

Hansotia was so fascinated with the quality of these hand-rolled cigars that he purchased the mans entire supply of tobacco. Originally, Hansotia planned on just giving these hand-rolled cigars to his friends and family, but after the amazing reviews he got from family members, he decided to create the Gurkha Cigars brand and begin selling them to the entire world.

Gurkha Cigars History

Even though the modern Gurkha Cigars brand was founded in 1989, there is a long history of cigars being called Gurkha. The term Gurkha has been around in India and Nepal for hundreds of years. Originally the term Gurkha was used to reference ancient warriors who fought in Nepal. These warriors were famous for their fighting styles but they also grew famous for the type of cigars that they smoked during battle.

Since there is such a huge legacy around the Gurkha name, Kaizad Hansotia decided to keep the name Gurkha Cigars as a reference to these great warriors.

Gurkha Cigars Review - Cigar Quality

gurkha cigars history

During our Gurkha Cigars review we noticed the Gurkha is one of the most well known premium cigar brands in the world. It is popular in the United States, Europe, Asia, and all across the world. Gurkha Cigars is known for providing distinct flavors and potency in their cigars.

If you decide to buy Gurkha Cigars you can buy them in your local cigar lounge or you can buy cigars online. The first thing you will notice when you buy Gurkha Cigars is how beautifully they are packaged and wrapped. When we ordered our box online we were shocked how beautiful the packaging was.

When you smoke your first Gurkha Cigar you will realize how great this premium cigar is. Gurkha Cigars is know for its high quality flavor and potency. Gurkha manufacturers and sells more than 10 million cigars each year and sells cigars in over 60 countries. We think Gurkha has one of the highest quality cigars on the market and after our personal Gurkha Cigars review as well as looking at customer reviews, we highly recommend you give Gurkha Cigars a try!

Gurkha Cigars Review - Cigar Selection

Gurka Cigars has a really high level of cigar quality but they also have a great cigar selection. They offer a wide range of different types of cigars as well as cigars that come in a variety of different cigar sizes. They have cigars that are Torpedo shaped, as well as many different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a cigar brand that offers a large cigar selection then Gurkha Cigars is the perfect choice for you! They offer a wide range of different types of cigars so no matter what type of cigars that you like, you will be able to find the perfect cigar for you. We often recommend Gurkha Cigars as the best cigar for beginners because of how high quality they are but because they are also affordable.

Gurkha Cigars Review - Customer Reviews

One of the first things we did during our Gurkha Cigars review was to look at customer reviews. When you look at customer reviews you get a better picture of the experiences that individuals all across the world had with Gurkha Cigars. When we were looking at customer reviews we noticed that customers absolutely love Gurkha and the quality of their cigars.

One of the most common reviews we saw was customers talking about how flavorable the cigars are compared to other brands that they have tried. Gurkha Cigars offers a wide range of different cigars and will have the perfect cigar for you. We even heard from customers that they loved the straight cigars by Gurkha Cigars because he just recently researched the best cigar humidor for straight cigars and was able to easily store and take care of his Gurkha cigars.

What Are The Best Selling Gurkha Cigars?

Gurkha sells many different cigars but there are also a handful of cigars that are the best sellers among customers around the world. Below are the best selling Gurkha Cigars.

1. Gurkha Evil Cigar

The Gurkha Evil cigar is the best selling premium cigar by Gurkha Cigars. It is extremely highly rated by cigar reviewers and experts across the world. The Gurkha Evil is one of the most premium cigars on the market and is known for its smooth flavor. The flavor can be described as roasted tree nuts and a smooth floral finishing flavor. We highly recommend you give the Gurkha Evil cigar a try!

2. Gurkha Black Beauty Cigar

The Gurkha Black Beauty Cigar is known for providing a smooth potency but it is well known because of its great aroma. A cigar with a great aroma is popular among cigar lounges, offices, and other public smoking locations. This is the perfect cigar for smoking with friends, family members, or colleagues because of how smooth it is but also because of the great aroma that is provides.

3. Gurkha Ancient Warrior

The Gurkha Ancient Warrior cigar is reference to how Gurkha Cigars received its name. This is the perfect cigar for those who want a beautifully hand-rolled cigar. The Gurkha Ancient warrior is known for its smooth smoking experience and its light spice flavor potency. This is a great cigar for those who want a lighter smoking experience or those who aren’t as experienced with smoking cigars.

4. Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo Cigar

The Grand Reserve Torpedo cigar is one of the few torpedo shaped cigars that Gurkha Cigar sells. This is their best selling torpedo cigar and is often talked about because of its beautiful packaging and wrapper. It is one of the best looking cigars and provides users with a delightful smoking experience and flavor.

5. Gurkha Cellar Reserve 18 Year Aged Cigar

The Cellar Reserve is one of the most famous cigars sold by Gurkha Cigars becayse of how long it is aged. Since it is an aged cigar, the cigar is much stronger and potent compared to other cigars they sell. This cigar is typically only recommended for those who are experienced cigar smokers and not typically recommended for beginners. This aged cigar provides a unique experience that not many other cigars will be able to offer.

6. Gurkha Black Dragon Limited Cigar

The Gurkha Black Dragon cigar is one of the most well known cigars sold by Gurkha because it is a limited supply cigar. Since it is a limited supply this means only a small quantity of cigars were sold which makes this cigar rare and popular. The Gurkha Black Dragon cigar is aged and provides an amazing smoking experience, but it is important to note that since this cigar was a limited released, the price is very expensive.

Where Can You Buy Gurkha Cigars?

There are many places where you can buy Gurkha Cigars. We typically recommend that you buy your Gurkha Cigars online from trusted websites because they will offer a large selection and better prices. If you don’t want to buy Gurkha Cigars online then you can typically find them at your local cigar lounge, smoke shop, or tobacco shop. This will vary depending on where you live and the stores located near you.

Gurkha Cigars Review Conclusion

After reading our complete Gurkha Cigars review we hope we helped you learn everything about the brand and cigars they sell. Our team absolutely loves Gurkha Cigars and we highly recommend you give them a try. They are a high quality premium cigar but they also offer them at an affordable price based on the quality of the cigar. To learn more about cigars, we recommend you read our most recent cigar blog articles.

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