How Long Should You Season A Humidor?

This Article Was Updated On September 26, 2023

Seasoning a cigar humidor is vital for improving the quality of your cigars but will also help to improve the health of your cigars. Some of the best cigar humidors will provide an incredibly smoking experience when they are seasoned correctly. In this article we will guide you through the entire process of seasoning a humidor.

how to season a humidor

With how easy it is to buy cigars online, cigar smoking has become even more popular for beginners. This means more and more individuals are learning about cigars and we strive to provide the ultimate resource for them. The first thing you must do is look at the best places to buy cigars online.

Once you have your cigars, it is time to buy the best humidor for your needs. This can differ depending on what type of cigars you have, as well as where you will be storing them. Once you have your cigars and your humidor, you are ready to learn how to season a humidor.

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What Does It Mean To Season A Humidor?

Seasoning a humidor is the process of preparing your humidor to absorb the moisture and keep the perfect balance of humidity within the container. This is incredibly important if you are building your own humidor out of tupperware as it won’t be as well made and will require extra seasoning to protect the health of your cigars.

The type of the cigar will also impact how long your humidor needs to be seasoned. For example Oliva Serie O cigars and Gurkha Cigars are incredibly high quality and will need the moisture levels to stay consistent for the best smoke experience. The size of your cigars can also impact the required levels of humidity within your humidor.

Benefits of Seasoning A Humidor

Seasoning a humidor has many benefits but the two most popular benefits are that seasoning a humidor will keep your cigars healthier, and the second is that seasoning will give your cigar more flavor. Seasoning a humidor will keep your cigars stores in the proper levels of humidity and moisture levels which will keep your cigars from cracking or from becoming moldy. Your humidor will protect your cigars and help them to last longer.

Seasoning your cigar humidor can also help to provide more flavor to your cigars. When cigars are stored in properly seasoned humidors they will typically have more flavor and be more potent because they have been stores in great conditions to let the flavor destill.

Equipment Needed To Season A Humidor

When you have your humidor and the cigar of your choice, it is time to start seasoning your humidor. There are a few pieces of equipment you will need in order to do this. 
There are humidor seasoning kits for sale online but most people will be able to do this without buying a kit. Below are the items we recommend you have before you get started.

  • A cigar humidor.
  • A humidifier kit (this will typically come with your humidor)
  • The cigars of your choice. You can read about the best cigars for beginners if you haven’t decided which cigars to get yet.
  • A hygrometer calibration tool is used to monitor the humidity levels.
  • A kitchen sponge.
  • A bottle of distilled water.
  • A large bowl to hold the water.
  • A towel or paper towel.

How To Season A Humidor

Below are the steps required to season a humidor. It is important to follow the steps carefully and do the steps in the correct order. Below is the entire guide on how to season a humidor.

  1. Wet your towel or paper towels and wet the entire inside of the humidor. It is important to get the inside slightly wet but don’t add too much water. Too much water can cause issues with mold.
  2. After adding a little bit of moisture to the inside of the humidor it is time to install the small humidifier that came with your humidor. Each type of humidifier is slightly different but it is typically best if you fill the humidifier with distilled water and install it on the underside of the lid of the humidor.
  3. Now it is time to use your kitchen sponge. You should wet your kitchen sponge but make sure that it is not dripping wet. You want your sponge to be wet but not so wet that it is draining water. You should place this sponge inside the center of your humidor.
  4. Some individuals will wrap the sponge in plastic wrap but this isn’t always necessary.
  5. Once the sponge is inside the humidor, we are going to let the sponge sit inside for up to three days. This will allow the inside of the humidor to increase its humidity and moisture levels.
  6. It is important to consistently test the humidity levels throughout the three days that you wait. You will want the humidity levels within your humidor to reach healthy levels before you put your cigars inside of it.

Once you wait a few days, your humidor will be complete seasoned. The exact time required will vary depending on the type of humidor you own as well as the size of the humidor. Largest humidors will typically take longer to season compared to small humidors. We hope this article has helped you become a humidor seasoning expert!

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