How To Make A Humidor Out Of Tupperware

This Article Was Updated On September 26, 2023

If you are a beginner in the cigar world, or are on a tight budget then you may have heard about making a humidor out of Tupperware. We highly recommend you buy the best humidor possible in order to protect your cigars, but if you aren’t ready to make that investment, our team will teach you how to make a humidor out of Tupperware.

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Why Use Tupperware To Make A Humidor?

If you are looking to make your own humidor then Tupperware is typically the best option. They won’t provide the humidity control that a professionally created cigar humidor can, but they are an option for those on a tight budget. Tupperware has become so popular for making humidors that they have been referred to as a tupperdor.

So now that you figured out that you can buy cigars online, it is time to create a place to store these cigars. Below are a few benefits of using Tupperware to create a humidor.

Benefits of Tupperware:

Below are a few of the benefits of using Tupperware compared to other materials.

  • Tupperware is cheap and affordable for everyone!
  • Tupperware comes in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes which means you can find the perfect size for your needs.
  • Tupperware is made out of a resistant plastic so it will help to control the humidity levels of the cigar.

Cons of Tupperware:

There are many benefits of using Tupperware, but there are a few cons of using Tupperware as well. Below are a few of the cons compared to purchasing a professional humidor.

  • Tupperware isn’t s high quality compared to a professionally made humidor.
  • Tupperware won’t have a hygrometer to help regulate the exact humidity levels.
  • Tupperware doesn’t look very pretty compared to a professionally made box.

Materials Required To Make A Tupperdor

There are a handful of materials that are required in order to make a successful humidor out of Tupperware. Below are the list of materials required:

  • Tupperware¬†– You will require a Tupperware container that is large enough to fit your cigar collection.
  • Cedar Planks – Cedar planks are often used to help absorb some of the excess moisture and humidity in the box.
  • Humidifier Packs – Many individuals will use humidifier packs to help maintain humidity levels. Boveda humidity packs are often used to help regulate the humidity within the box.

Steps To Create A DIY Humidor

Below are the steps required to create your own DIY humidor out of Tupperware.

1. Collect The Materials

It is important to collect all of your DIY humidor materials before beginning the process. Having everything planned out will make it easier and more efficient to create. The materials required will vary depending on the size and style of humidor you are creating.

2. Utilize Seasoned Cedar Planks

It is important to utilize seasoned cedar planks to help regulate the amount of humidity and moisture in the area within the humidor. Many individuals will skip this step, but it will have a drastic impact on your results.

3. Shape The Cedar Planks

Now that you have the cedar planks and have them ready to absorb moisture, it is now time to shape the planks to fit the Tupperware. We recommend you shape the planks to exactly cover the bottom and the sides of your DIY humidor.

4. Remove The Plastic Smell

Tupperware typically comes with a standard plastic smell which can be bad for the health of your cigars. We recommend letting your Tupperware sit out in a well ventilated room for a few days before putting cigars in them. This will make sure that you cigars don’t absorb the plastic smell.

5. Introduce A Hygrometer & Humidifier

Many individuals will skip this last step and will begin putting their cigars into the humidor. But if you want to take this DIY humidor another step further, then you can introduce a Hygrometer and a humidifier to your Tupperware to improve the humidity and moisture levels. We recommend using Boveda humidity packs to help regulate the humidity levels.

DIY Humidor Conclusion

We hope our article was able to teach you how to create your own humidor and you will take action to protect your cigars. Our team of cigar experts are here to help you learn everything about the cigar industry. We recommend you read our most recent cigar blog articles to learn more and stay up to date with the industry.

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