How to Rehydrate a Cigar: Beginners Guide

This Article Was Updated On December 7, 2023

Do you know how to rehydrate a cigar? There are many different ways that people attempt this process, but it is important to note how long the cigar has been out of circulation. If it has been less than two years, there are some relatively simple steps required for hydration. Even if you buy from the best place to buy cigars online there is still a good likelihood that cigars will become dry if they are left out for a long time. This blog post will go over everything you need to know to hydrate your old cigars back into original condition!

how to rehydrate a cigar

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How Do Cigars Become Dry?

The most common reason for a cigar to become dry is improper humidification. Simply put, cigars need moist air in order to stay hydrated and keep their flavor intact. If they are not properly stored or aged, the tobacco will be too brittle to absorb moisture from its surrounding environment. The best way to avoid this issue is proper storage of your stogies by following these steps:

– Store them at 70 degrees Fahrenheit with between 50-60% relative humidity

– Try storing them as far away from direct sunlight as possible

– Do not store next other non-cigar products such as clothes, food, paper goods etc… Doing so may cause an unwanted chemical reaction that can damage your precious smokes!

Cigars will become dry if they aren’t stored correctly. This is why we recommend you read our best cigar humidor article to learn how to properly store you cigars to maintain their healthy.

Why You Should Rehydrate Cigars?

Rehydrating your old cigars is important because it will save you money by restoring your old cigars into like-new cigars if done correctly.

In order to properly rehydrate your cigars, you will need a hygrometer and humidifier. The hydration process usually takes between one to three days depending on how dry the cigar was at purchase and how much tobacco is inside of it. Cigars are more likely to crack or not be able to retain moisture if they are stuffed with too many leaves. You can read our best cigar for beginners guide to learn more about the anatomy of cigars.

A good indication that your cigars require some form of humidity restoration is if they feel brittle when touched instead of pliable like before. This stiffness could also indicate old age which may present itself as an ever-present burn line, ash that hangs from the end for long periods without falling off, flavor issues such as loss in taste complexity or a general decrease in quality etc.

If you have an old cigar that is brittle or dry, then it is a good sign that you need to rehydrate your cigars. When rehydrating your cigar, the first things you want to do are find out how dry it is and how much tobacco is inside

– if there’s a lot of tobacco in the cigar then you’ll need more liquid than if there was less. When assessing how much water or alcohol (vodka) to use for hydration, estimate how many inches long the cigar is

– when using distilled water make sure that its cold so as not to add any extra humidity into the mix which can cause mold growths on your cigars

– using vodka with high proof such as 190+, will help kill bacteria while also adding some flavor back into them but will leave an alcoholic taste behind. Be careful not to overdo this step because overdoing it can cause damage to the health of your cigar.

How To Rehydrate A Cigar

In order to rehydrate a cigar you must first start by placing your cigar in a clear bag or sealed container with a small amount of water in it. The container should have a hole cut into the top of it that is just big enough for your cigar to go through. You must then place this sealed bag or container in an area where there is plenty of air circulation, such as on the floor under or near a fan.

Next you will need to monitor how much water has evaporated and how long it takes before adding more water back up until its fully hydrated again which usually take about six hours. It’s best not to use tap water because if left too long bacteria can grow inside and also lead to mold growths so distilled water is optimal but only when cold.

Once all the cigars are rehydrated they will be plump with moisture once again and ready for smoking. The time required to rehydrate a cigar will vary depending on the current health of the cigar as well as the type of cigar and the size of the cigar.

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