How to Smoke a Cigar: Everything You Need to Know

This Article Was Updated On December 7, 2023

Smoking a cigar is an experience that many people enjoy, but how often do you find yourself lost when it comes to how to smoke one? This article will teach you the basics of how to smoke cigars and what makes them so special. We will also talk about how to choose your first cigar.

how to smoke a cigar

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How To Smoke A Cigar

If you are going to smoke your first cigar then it is important to learn how to smoke a cigar. There are a few components to how to smoke one:

– Choosing your first cigar

-Cutting a cigar

– Lighting your cigar properly

– How to hold and puff on it correctly

– Taking the right amount of puffs while smoking it.

In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about how to smoke a cigar like a professional.

How To Choose A Cigar

The first step in how to smoke a cigar is choosing your first one. There are many options when it comes to cigars, so the best way for you to decide what kind of cigar you want is by considering these factors:

– The flavor profile that will work with your taste buds and how much money you’re willing to spend on something like this

-What type of smoker do you think you are? If not sure, consider listing some qualities about yourself

-How often would I be smoking my cigar? What occasions might it make sense for me to bring out my favorite stogie?

When deciding how many times per week or day an individual smokes their cigar there could be a variety of answers that will impact their decision.

We recommend checking out our best place to buy cigars online article and our best cigars for beginners article to learn more about choosing your first cigar.

Different Types of Cigars

There are many different types of cigars that you can buy which can make it difficult for beginners to understand. There are mild, medium, and bold cigars but we typically recommend beginners smoke mild cigars as stronger cigars can be too strong for beginners.

Mild cigars typically have a sweet flavor that is light and subtle. They are less likely to give you the “cigar stink” which makes them an excellent cigar for first-timers in any setting. These types of cigars can be enjoyed with nearly every type of drink, including coffee or wine.

Medium cigars may offer a bit more body and taste than mild but still carry some sweetness on their finish as well. This type of cigar will provide more complex flavors then your average cigarette would offer making it the perfect choice if you want something strong without being overpowering. We recommend these types of cigars when looking for rich flavors such as espresso, brandy, or dark beer; however they go great with red wines too.

Strong cigars will offer a more powerful flavor profile and are usually the most complex of any cigar. These cigars will provide a range of flavors, from earthy to sweet and everything in between. This type is perfect for those who want something more intense than a medium or mild cigar but don’t quite have the palate for an extra-strong cigar yet. Strong cigars go well with drinks that boast strong flavor profiles such as espresso, dark beer, brandy, cognac; they also work well with red wines too.

A few of the most common types of cigars are robusto, belicoso, and corona. Robustos are usually the most popular type of cigar because they offer a great balance between body and flavor, making them an excellent choice for new smokers or as an after-dinner smoke. Belicosos have a more delicate shape that can be somewhat difficult to draw from but still offers rich flavors with some spice notes while coronas are typically milder cigars that also work well in a shorter time frame due to how quickly they burn down.

How To Cut A Cigar

After you have picked your first cigar, it is time to cut your cigar for the first time. To properly cut a cigar, you will need to use a guillotine cutter. This is the most common type of cigar cutter and it usually comes with two blades that can be adjusted for how much of the cap on your cigar you want removed.

First, take your guillotine cutter and make sure that one blade is closed all the way while the other blade remains open so there are no gaps in between them. Next place your index finger as close to where they meet as possible without touching either side then push down until both blades have completely sliced through your cigars wrapper. Finally, move up or down on whichever arm needs adjustment then squeeze tightly together once more before removing from handle to finish cutting off excess tobacco leafs.

If you don’t have a guillotine cutter it is possible to cut a cigar with a knife. You will want to cut off about an inch of the cigar’s head. Place the blade flat and perpendicular across one side then use a gentle slicing motion while maintaining pressure on your cutting device until you reach the other side.

Next, make sure that there are no loose tobacco leaves around the cap by using either your fingers or another piece of paper like how you did with removing excess leafs from earlier. Finally, take out any toothpick-sized pieces sticking out and discard them before proceeding to light up after inspecting for any small cracks in your smokes wrapper surface area.

How To Light A Cigar

After you have cut your cigar, it is time to light a cigar. The first step is to get your cigar going by either using a lighter or matches.

Lighting the cigar with just one of those products will not work well if you are lacking in the other, so it would be best to have both on hand for emergencies since most people usually do not smoke cigars often enough that they can memorize how long each product lasts before needing more. It’s recommended to use at least two minutes worth of fuel from your chosen way and then light up how many puffs until you feel like it has been properly lit this time around as opposed to last time.

Don’t Inhale The Smoke

Now that your cigar is lit, it is time to begin smoking. The number one rule is to not inhale the cigar smoke. Instead, it is recommended that you use a technique called “puffing” or “sipping.” This will cause the cigar to last much longer and also make your smoking experience more enjoyable.

The most important thing about how to smoke a cigar is not how fast you are actually puffing on it but rather how quickly after each sip of smoke leaves your mouth do you take another drag from the cigar. If this pace slows down too much then it means there was an issue with how well the cigar was lit in the beginning stages, so ensure that all matches have been used up before continuing if impatience becomes apparent early on in smoking time.

Take note: cigars should be smoked at leisurely paces and not rushed.

Tips For Smoking A Cigar

Now that you know the basics of smoking a cigar. Below are a few of our favorite tips for smoking a cigar.

*Keep your cigar in a humidor if you don’t plan on smoking it for more than two weeks. This will keep the cigar fresh and moist, which is how they’re meant to be stored. Read our best cigar humidor article to learn how to properly store a cigar.

*The best way to cut a cigar without a cutter is with scissors at an angle against the end of its head so that there’s no need for poking or cutting from underneath the cap. It makes removal easier while also keeping tobacco inside of the wrapper where it belongs.

*Lighting up too quickly can cause re-lighting as well as draw inconsistencies throughout every puff because not all parts are lit equally by matches’ flame when first lighting up – take care in this department!

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