How to Store a Cigar Without a Humidor

This Article Was Updated On September 26, 2023

There are many people who enjoy a cigar from time to time, but do not have the space or money for a humidor. If you’re one of those people and want to store your cigars properly, read on! We always recommend you use the best cigar humidors but there are a few ways to store a cigar if you don’t own a humidor.

how to store a cigar without a humidor

Ideal Conditions For Cigars

A cigar humidor is a container that will keep the humidity at an appropriate level for how long you want to store your cigars. A good rule of thumb is one month per inch of thickness, but if it’s not too drastic then you don’t need to worry about it so much. If you’re only storing them for a day or two then this isn’t necessary because they won’t dry out as quickly.

But when you are storing cigars for over a longer period of time (weeks) than maintaining the correct humidity levels becomes very important and can greatly affect how well they age!

The ideal condition for a cigar is a storage device that maintains a comfortable temperature, maintains the humidity levels, and keeps the cigars out of direct sunlight. You can read through our best place to buy cigars online article and our best cigars for beginners to learn more about storing cigars.

What Is A Cigar Humidor?

A cigar humidor is a storage device that maintains the correct humidity levels, as well as keeps your cigars out of direct sunlight. Cigar humidors will vary in how often you need to refill them with water or how much they cost, but for most people who store cigars long-term (weeks) it’s important to have one because maintaining proper humidity levels can greatly affect how well they age!

Some things to think about when purchasing a cigar humidor are: how many cigars do I want to store? How large does this humidor need to be for me? What kinds of wood would I like my cigar box made from? What kind of design features would make this better suited for what I’m looking for?

What Does A Cigar Humidor Do?

A cigar humidor will protect the health of your cigars and help to maintain and extend their lifespan. Cigars can dry out and lose their flavor if not stored properly, but with a humidor they are protected from direct sunlight and outside dirt and debris.

-You don’t need a humidor if you’re just going to smoke your cigars soon after purchasing them.

-If the humidity levels are too low in the air, they will be high inside of your cigar box because it’s sealed and less exposed to outside sources. This is how easy access comes into play when choosing how many cigars to store at one time (and knowing how much space you have available).

-Aesthetics: The wood material that was used for this can really make or break how aesthetically pleasing an item looks on display. Different kinds of woods offer different colors which also affect how eye catching it would be! If you want something more “rustic” looking, natural materials like oak would do

If you are a beginner, we recommend you read our how to smoke a cigar article.

How To Store A Cigar Without A Humidor

If you don’t have a cigar humidor, there are a few different ways to store cigars.

Tips For Storing A Cigar Without A Humidor

-Cigars are best stored at 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 65% humidity.

-If you don’t have a cigar humidor, there are a few different ways to store cigars: in your bedroom (if they’re up high enough), the living room or dining area of your house, wine cellar, garage, garden shed–anywhere that’s not too cold or hot!

When storing cigars without a humidor it is most important how much space available as well as how many cigars you want to store at one time. If the temperature and air are too low in the air, they will be high inside of your cigar box because it’s sealed and less exposed to outside sources.

If you have an empty wine bottle, this can be a great storage container for cigars. The air flow is much better and it’s easier to bring one or two cigars with you without taking up too much space in your bag.

Should You Keep The Plastic Cigar Wrapper On?

You should keep the plastic cigar wrapper on while storing them–it will help keep out dust, mold, pests and other problems that could arise if they came into contact with each other! If there are holes in the wrapper from being poked by a sharp object like a pencil or pen (in school), wrap some tape around it so no outside elements come through.

Storing A Cigar In A Plastic Bag

-Every cigar is different and how you care for them will vary based on their size, how often they are smoked, where the tobacco is sourced from (specific climates), how old it is – some need to be in a humidor while others do not.

-There are many ways how to store a cigar without a humidor! Here’s a few of our favorite tips:

Keep your cigars in an airtight container–this can be as simple as using tin foil or in a tight plastic bag. We recommend that you store them inside of an empty wine bottle with the top cut off and reattached so that there’s plenty of airflow; this also makes it easier to carry one or two cigars without taking up too much space in

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