JR Cigars Review

This Article Was Updated On September 26, 2023

JR Cigars is one of the most recognized cigar stores. It was recently featured on our list of the best places to buy cigars online. In this post we’ll examine JR Cigars in this post and advise you whether they’re the finest choice for you.

jr cigar review

Who Is JR Cigars?

JR Cigars is a cigar store that was started in 1991. The owners are Jaime Garcia, Juan Rodriguez and Jose Pepin Garcia with the latter being a world famous cigar maker who is responsible for some of the finest cigars on Earth. JR Cigars is now owned by parent company, Imperial Brands, and is known mostly for their brick and mortar stores but they have recently began expanding into selling cigars online.

JR Cigars sells some of the finest cigars on Earth and is especially known for their Cuban cigar brands. However, they also offer a wide selection of non-Cuban cigars as well such as Alec Bradley Prensado’s and Punch Grand Cru which are two highly rated cigars that we’ve recently reviewed on our blog.

With JR Cigars you get access to world class products from manufacturers who have been in business for decades or even centuries with many having worked under legendary cigar makers before going out on their own like Pepin did when he started his company La Estrella Cubana and opened up shop in Miami Florida all those years ago. That means when you buy from JR Cigars online store you know for a fact that you are buying high quality cigars.

Why Do People Buy Cigars at JR Cigars?

JR Cigars is one of the most popular cigar retailers online because they not only sell high quality cigars at low prices but also offer plenty of incentives to make people come back for more. One example is their JR Plus membership which gives you access to all sorts of discounts on your favorite products and free shipping within the United States when you buy over $50 worth of cigars online or even just $15 with most orders. You’ll also get immediate price reductions that are applied automatically so there’s no need to wait until checkout!

What Kind of Cigars Does JR Cigar Sell?

JR Cigars sells a wide variety of different cigars at competitive prices and you can search for all of them in the online catalog. You’ll find cigars that are made in countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica as well as plenty from other cigar-producing regions around the world. Some popular brands include Rocky Patel Premium Cigars which is one of the most consistently top-rated lines available today with a number of different blends to choose from depending on your preferences including Edge Lite Maduro Broadleaf and Vintage 1990 Cameroon Toro.

JR Cigar also has an impressive selection of Gurkha cigars at very low prices so it’s no wonder why they have so many loyal customers who keep coming back again and again! These cigars come highly rated by people who appreciate fine smokes but don’t want to pay inflated prices for them.

JR Cigars Shipping Policy

JR Cigars offers a high quality shipping policy for all cigars. You will receive your package within three to five business days with priority shipping and tracking included as well as high quality packaging where appropriate depending on the value of your items you may receive a “soft pack” shipment which is guaranteed fresh or we can ship it in an actual box.

You’re looking at $13 for ground, $20 for two-day and free shipping on anything over $50 (excluding taxes). They also offer expedited delivery options if needed such as Next Day Air and Second Day Air but those come with higher rates so make sure to factor that into whatever budget you have set aside before placing your order!

Quality Review of JR Cigars

The cigars sold from JR Cigars are typically incredibly high quality cigars and it’s clear when you unpack your shipment. Cigar quality is one of the most important things you should look for when buying cigars. With JR Cigars you can rest assured that the cigars will be in perfect condition when they arrive at your door. They also offer name brand cigar samplers for those who like to test out different brands before deciding on their favorite.

JR Cigars offers some of the lowest prices available online and all orders are shipped quickly with little hassle. The website is easy enough to use but if you ever encounter any issues don’t hesitate to contact them via email or phone! Their customer service staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help no matter what it takes! If there’s one thing I would change about JR Cigar is how long shipping takes since more than $50 worth of orders take up three business days just for processing even though most

Is JR Cigar Reliable?

JR Cigars is a reliable and easy to use website that offers some of the lowest prices available online. The website is easy enough to use but if you ever encounter any issues don’t hesitate to contact them via email or phone! You can rest assured that Jr Cigars is reliable and trustworthy.

Does JR Cigars Ship to Your Area?

JR Cigars ships all across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Customers living in Puerto Rico are also able to order cigars from jrcigars.com! Unfortunately customers who live within New York City cannot currently place orders since it is illegal for them to sell tobacco products due to their high taxes on cigarettes. However this does not mean you can’t enjoy smoking your favorite cigar brands online through JR Cigar’s website!

Where Are JR Cigars Made?

JR Cigars is based out of North Carolina, and as such they buy all of their cigar tobacco from North Carolina’s premier cigar growers. JR Cigars is one of the few retailers that actually owns a factory in order to produce its own cigars, which allows them to maintain complete control over the entire process: growing, fermenting, rolling and packaging!

Even though the company is based out of North Carolina, they also sell cigars that were made all across the world. They have cigar brands from Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic, Cuba, and many more countries.

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