Oliva Serie O Review

This Article Was Updated On December 7, 2023

The Oliva Serie O cigar is one of the most popular brands on the market and has gained incredible popularity over the past 10 years. The Oliva Serie O is know for a smooth and rich flavor but is also very welcoming for those who are new to smoking cigars. In this article we perform a complete Olive Serie O review to educate you more about the history of the cigar and help you decide if it is the next cigar for you.

oliva serie o review

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Oliva Serie O Review

The Oliva Serie O is a cigar that is smoked all across the world and has become incredibly popular because of its richness. It is an authentic Nicaraguan cigar that has a full-body richness with subtle hints of black pepper, sweet chocolate, and even a small hint of spice at the end. Some cigars only provide one or two flavors but the Oliva Serie O is layered with multiple different flavors to add a complex richness to the flavor and add multiple different dimensions to the experience. With the ability to buy cigars online you can have this luxury cigar shipped directly to your doorstep!

The wrapper of the Oliva Serie O is a hand-rolled Habano wrapper that originates from traditional cuban planting techniques to give it an authentic and traditional feel and taste. The overall taste and experience of the Oliva Serie O is luxurious and smooth. The strength of the cigar can be categorized as a medium-body cigar which makes it one of the best cigars for beginners.

Oliva Serie O Pros:

There are many different pros for this beautiful cigar. It is one of the most beloved cigars around the world. We have listed just a few of the many pros for the Oliva Serie O cigar below.

  • The flavor profile is rich, smooth, and also complex as it provides multiple different flavors throughout the smoking experience.
  • The cigar is great for beginners as well as experienced smokers as it has a medium strength. The medium strength isn’t too powerful for beginners but also has enough strength for experienced cigar smokers.
  • The value of the cigar for the price is great! This is a luxury cigar but is still listed at an affordable price.
  • The cigar is easy to cut, easy to light, and easy to smoke smoothly without any issues with tunneling.

Oliva Serie O Cons:

It is difficult to find many cons to this cigar because of how much we love it. We have listed a few cons of the Oliva Serie O that we have heard from customers.

  • Some experienced smokers would rather have a stronger cigar and found this too mild for their preference.
  • This cigar is more expensive compared to gas station cigars as it is a traditional luxury cigar and not a cheap cigar.

Different Types of Oliva Serie O Cigars

There are 5 different types of Oliva Serie O cigars which each will provide a slightly different experience. It is important that you look at each of the different types to find the best option for you. Each cigar is incredibly high quality and we highly recommend each and every one of them. Below are the 5 types of Oliva Serie O cigars:

  • Serie O Churchill
  • Serie O Perfecto
  • Serio Robusto
  • Serio O Toro
  • Serie O Torpedo

Oliva Serie O Review Conclusion

The Oliva Serie O cigar is one of the most popular and well liked cigars on the market. Our team absolutly loves the cigar and the flavor it provides. We believe this is a great luxury cigar for beginners as well as experienced cigar smokers and we highly recommend you give it a chance! For more education cigar content we recommend you read our recent cigar blog articles.

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