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Quitting Smoking: Tips For Resisting Cigarette Cravings

This Article Was Updated On September 26, 2023

It is not a new concept that cigarettes can be dangerous for your overall health and lifestyle. Since you are inhaling the tobacco smoke, it can be harmful for your lungs, your mouth, and many other parts of your body. It can also have a severe impact on your lifestyle because of how addicting it can be but can also have a severe impact on your wallet because of how expensive this habit can be.

All of this to say that is common for many individuals to come to the point in their life where they are looking to quit cigarettes for good. This could be because they are making the switch to only smoking cigars or they are looking to quit smoking cold turkey.

The process of quitting smoking cigarettes can be incredibly difficult for individuals because of how addicting nicotine is and how much of a drastic change to your lifestyle it is. In this guide we will give you a few places to start that will help you on your journey to quitting smoking cigarettes.

Find The Reason Why You Want To Quit

The first thing you must do in order to effectively quit smoking cigarettes is to find the real reason you want to quit. If you don’t have the motivation that you need to stop then you might struggle to stay consistent and fall back into bad habits. For some individuals the motivation to quit could be their persona health, for others it could to protect their family from secondhand smoke.

There are tons of reasons that could make you want to quit smoking but you must have the motivation to stay consistent. You will need this reason and motivation in order to beat this type of habit as it will be a long and difficult process.

Below are the best strategies for quitting smoking:

Nicotine Replacement Options

One of the most popular strategies for quitting smoking involves nicotine replacement options or therapy. This can range from nicotine gum, nicotine patches, lozenges, or other options that contain smaller and smaller amounts of nicotine. This strategies are used to help you wean of the addiction to nicotine that your body needs.

These options work by still providing your body with a small amount of nicotine that your body is used to but is done so in safer amounts compared to cigarettes. The process will slowly lower the amount of nicotine that you consume each day until hopefully you don’t need any nicotine at all to function. At this point you can begin to stop consuming nicotine at all!

Alternative Methods

More and more individuals are interested in alternative forms of quitting smoking. This can range from hypnosis, counseling, or even spirituality methods. Spiritual energy healer, Courtney Taylor from Gratitude Secrets says this “There are many alternative forms of counseling that are common in the spirituality space that can help individuals quit smoking or improve their mental wellness. This can range from guided meditation sessions to even looking at the meaning of angel numbers to help understand your spiritual purpose. All of these methods can help you improve your spirituality, mental wellness, and even your physical body.”

Alternative methods of quitting smoking have grown in popularity because of how effective they are but also how healthy they can be for your mental wellness.

Medical Options

One of the most effective but also most powerful ways to quit smoking is by looking at the medical options available. There are prescription pills and treatment options that can help to ease symptoms of addiction such as withdrawals, anxiety, or issues with sitting still.

These medical options will help you quit smoking in one of the most effective manners. But it is important to speak with your doctor or medical professional in order start this type of prescription.

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