Why Cuban Cigars are Illegal in the US: History, Legal Changes and Why

Cuban cigars are the most popular cigar in the world. They are known for their long-filler and rich taste. There is a reason why they’re so popular – they’re delicious! But why are they illegal in the United States? This article will talk about what cuban cigars are, why they’re illegal, recent legal changes around cuban cigars, and why you should smoke them if you can get your hands on some.

are cuban cigars legal in the united states

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What Are Cuban Cigars?

Cuban cigars are world famous for being the finest, and most expensive, cigars available on the market. They’re made from only premium quality materials with exemplary attention put into each production.

Are Cuban Cigars Illegal In The United States?

There are many questions around the legality of cuban cigars in the United States. Currently, cuban cigars are illegal to purchase and sell in the United States. There are some loop holes about bringing cuban cigars back to the U.S from Cuba for personal use but this can be quite difficult to work around. This makes it incredibly difficult to buy cuban cigars for American citizens.

The Cuban Revolution & U.S Trade Embargo With Cuba

The Cuban Revolution and the rise of Fidel Castro changed the relationship between Cuba and the United States. The ban of cuban cigar started back in February of 1962 when President John F. Kennedy created a very strict trade embargo agreement on all imports, including cigars, from the entire country of Cuba. This was done in an effort to impact the strength of Fidel Castro’s regime but also impacts the citizens of Cuba and the citizens of America.

How To Buy Cuban Cigars Legally In The United States

Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States but there are still ways to buy them. One way is through a personal purchase from someone who has traveled outside of the country and brought back cuban cigars with them, or as a gift. Since it’s not legal for Americans to import Cuban goods they have to find other means like this one if they want something that you can’t get anywhere else.

Where Can You Smoke Cuban Cigars

There are a few places that you can smoke cuban cigars. One is a cigar bar, which are bars that specialize in cigars and tobacco. They offer the best selection of Cuban as well as other brands from around the world, along with a high-quality smoking environment. The second place you can smoke cuban cigars is at home. Not everyone has access to these places so they’ll have to get creative if they want to enjoy their favorite type of cigar without leaving their own property.

What Brands of Cuban Cigars Should I Try First?

There are many different brands of cuban cigars that you should try. Below are a list of some of the most popular brands of cuban cigars that we recommend you try.






-Romeo y Julieta

-Ramon Allones


Read our best place to buy cigars online article to learn more about the best brands of cigars you can buy online. You can also read our recent best cigars for beginners guide if you are new to smoking cigars.

What Is The Best Way To Store Cuban Cigars?

There are many different ways to store cigars but we highly recommend you store you cuban cigars in a cigar humidor. A humidor will help your cigars last longer and can even improve the taste and flavor of the cigars. The humidor will maintain a consistent and healthy humidity level for your cuban cigars. We recommend you read our best cigar humidor article to learn about why humidors are beneficial and to learn what type of humidor is best for your cuban cigars.

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